The Purple 18350

In going back through my various wires and mod parts and thinking about the past few years I have spent learning more about vaping, I came across my 18350 batteries. I remember experimenting with them and choosing not to use them, because they simply do not perform near enough to 18650 35A IMR vaping batteries. […]

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The Macrame Coil

Here is a photo of the first Macrame¬†Coil I wound. It is comparable to a four-braid coil and has both advantages and disadvantages. Its major plus is that it looks neato and is artistic, indeed. The other main plus is that, when dripping e-liquid onto the coil, the cotton saturates quickly and easily, even faster […]

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A Stabilized Wood Mod

After building a few mods, I wanted to make a nice one with stabilized wood. I used birds-eye maple burl and an epoxy with purple dye. The mod works fine, yet is still a little big and clunky compared to what I would like to do. It took a long time and is sure to […]

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Thoughts on the IPV6s

Here are some photos of a coil and the IPV6s. The regulated mod has plenty of benefits and a few minor drawbacks. Two drawbacks are that when one sits it down, if not careful, the battery door will pop open. It is not too big of a deal, yet is still a drawback. The other […]

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A Favorite Staged Coil

Below is a photo of about the best advanced coil I have learned to do. There are plenty of reasons I chose to make this coil. While I still wind up other coils from time to time, this one has been a choice that ‘out-did’ plenty of the many options for advanced coils. For one, […]

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the mega-stage

Not having wound a coil in a while, I decided to wound one up. I took into consideration all I knew of coils and wire. Recently, I have been bent on fused Claptons wound parallel with a thin wire for a staged heating effect. These coils work so well and take so little time when […]

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