February Coil Photos

Here are the first few pictures of coils posted on coilpix. Some explanations of the coils are with the pictures.


The coil above is a Staggered Parallel Tidal coil. It reads 0.14 ohms for its resistance and works well at 60 watts, which is about 2.97 volts with an IPV4s regulated mod. It is wound around a #5 coil-jig rod. The largest wire is 18 gauge Kanthal, twisted with 26 gauge Nichrome 80. The other two wires are both 26 gauge, one Nichrome 80 and the other Kanthal. The RDA is the Velocity RDA. This kind of coil works great and is a good choice for building an advanced coil when one just does not have the time to ‘Claptonize’ wire, say, for a Helix coil. Thank you to Twisted Messes, Rip Trippers, Squidood, and all the other advanced coil winders on YouTube. I learned how to build coils from watching you guys and experimenting with variations of the builds you did in your videos.

The next picture is of a dual coil build. I wound this one up earlier today, and it really surprised me. The deck in the photo is part of a Zane RDA; it has no posts. Two other RDAs with no posts are the Hanya RDA and the Pi2 RDA. I like the Hanya RDA the most of the three, as it is less expensive and works great. The two coils below are both Clapton coils wound with 26 gauge Nichrome 80 Claptonized with 36 gauge Nichrome 80. The build below’s ohms reading is 0.43 ohms. The coils contain eight wraps and are wound around a #4 coil-jig rod.


The next few photos are of a Fused Clapton coil installed in a Hanya RDA. To wound this coil it is best to use a drill and a swivel. Also, its leads are somewhat extended in order to increase its resistance. Otherwise, it may not have had an appropriate/safe ohms reading. To make this coil I straightened/drill-twisted 22 gauge Nichrome 80 wire. I lined the wire up side-by-side and Claptonized it, using a swivel, with 30 gauge Nichrome 80. This coil has 0.12 Ω resistance. I was excited to find that this coil actually worked – I vaped with some peach flavored e-juice to produce some awesome and flavorful clouds.

n80_p_C_5 n80_p_C_4

These two photos show the same coil as it is being primed. It was not too difficult to squeeze the coil together with some ceramic tweezers in order for the coil to heat up in its center, first. You can see the coil working properly in the photo on the left.

n80_p_C_3 n80_p_C_2

The last photo in this post shows the coil above before it was primed. Be sure to prime Nichrome 80 before using it, otherwise one would breath in carcinogenic toxins. I included the this last photo simply because the coil looked shiny before it was primed.


To conclude the first post on coilpix, I must say that these coils were made after I built many different kinds of coils over the last six months or so. These are the most recent coils that I have built. I do not have a photo of my favorite coil build, however it is not too difficult to explain. My favorite build, so far, is a dual, 9-wrap, Nichrome 80, 24 gauge build for a Cylapex Gate RDA. I vape with it at 47 watts with an IPV4s. Usually, anytime I build new coils for a new RDA for experimental purposes or fun, I go back to the Cylapex Gate build. It is easy to do and really produces the fastest and largest vape clouds with the most flavor. Thank you for viewing this post. If you have any questions or comments in regards to vaping, coil building, or feedback in regards to the content of coilpix, please feel free to leave a comment. We appreciate your communication – have a nice day. 🙂


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