22 Gauge Staged Parallel Coil

“Staged” coils usually use two different resistance wire combinations in a parallel coil build, somehow. I designed the coil in the photos below in order to utilize a parallel coil which was ‘staged’ without spending too much time doing so. It does work – One wire heats up (Nichrome 80) just before the other (Kanthal). Both the Kanthal wire and the Nichrome 80 wire are 22 gauge. The RDA in the picture is the Cylapex Gate. Its (the coil’s) ohms reading is only 0.16 Ω, so I was forced to use a single coil for this build instead of two. One may be able to use two coils of this nature with 24 gauge wire; the single coil still vapes in an amazing manner.

The first photo shows the coil after it was primed and installed.


In this next photo you can see the coil heating up. Notice I twisted the ends of the two wires for its install. It seemed to work better that way, as the two wires are running parallel and loose from each other. The positive post does not have the two wires twisted together, because I was able to get the wire through the post with them twisted on the other side. The pink wire is 22 gauge Nichrome 80.


Below is another photo of the coil heating up.


Here is yet another photo of the coil as it was just barely getting hot.


These next two photos show the same phenomenon. The Nichrome 80 heats up before the Kanthal, which gives of vapers in a special, alternating way. This kind of coil is good for flavor; for more on staged parallel coils, search for them on YouTube. Many of them you will see in the videos are more advanced and take longer to build.



We appreciate any feedback and will answer your questions in regards to vaping when possible. Thank you for viewing these photos, and have a nice day. 🙂


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