Helix 2

Just yesterday afternoon, I spent the time necessary to wound up what a like to call a “Helix 2.” I got the idea from a twisted messes video. Here are some photos and thoughts on this coil.

The photo below shows the three kinds of wire used to make the coil.


Though the photo below is blurry, it is the finished wires twisted together before they are wound into the helix coil.

helix2-a-2 - Edited

Here is a photo of the coil before it was properly formed.


Here is the coil after it was formed. It expanded a little in size when I removed it from a screwdriver, so I had to mount it much like a chimney coil to fit into the Twisted Messes RDA.


Here is a photo of the coil heating up once the toxins were primed from it. To prime toxins from a coil of this nature, be sure to use a venti-hood and not to breath the harmful toxins.


Here is a photo of the helix coil wicked and juiced.


Here is a photo of the ‘silly’ vapers a coil of this caliber gives off.


Thank you for viewing these photos. If you have any questions in regards to them or vaping, feel free to comment or to leave feedback. Thank you for visiting coilpix. šŸ™‚



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