The photo above is mentioned is of a Helix coil. I picked this one out for reddit. This Helix coil was made by Claptonizing 2 feet of both 26 gauge and 30 gauge Nichrome 80 with 36 gauge Nichrome 80 wire with a drill. Its ohms reading is 0.34 ohms, and it is a 5-wrap coil. I wrapped it around a screwdriver about the size of a 9-penny nail. The RDA is a Twisted Messes RDA. The cotton is Kendo Vaping Japanese Organic Cotton. The e-juice is a diy juice with strawberry and cream flavoring from mfs. I activate this coil at 47 watts on a Pioneer4You IPV4s, and it works really well. A video on how to make one of these is here. We appreciate your feedback; let us know what you think. 🙂


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