The Waffle Coil

Is there another coil like this one? Not to my knowledge. It is a new idea. I tried to make one of these four months ago and it uncoiled into a rectangular like spiral -not much to do with that.


This time, when making the coil, I used pliers to bend the wraps in order for it to hold its form. Did it work? Not really, however eventually it did. It took some effort to get the coil to hold its form. Once I could get it into the Zane RDA, however, I could more easily activate the coil and bend its wraps to what they look like in the photo. The coil does work and vapes great – I would love to know if anyone else has ever wrapped a coil like this one. Surely someone has tried to. I think the idea behind it is a good one. If someone out there has ever used coils like the Waffle Coil in the photo, please, let us know. We would appreciate any experience with this kind of coil and what does and does not make it better for vaping. They are not impossible to build, do take some tinkering and a small amount of patience. The wire used for this coil was 24 gauge Nichrome 80, a favorite choice of mine for coils. The resistance was above .1 ohms and below .8 ohms. The idea behind this coil was to produce more vapor. It surely does not produce more than two 8-wrap 24 gauge Nichrome 80 coils, however it did work and the clouds/flavor were nothing to complain of.


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