The Barrel Coil

Months ago, I saw a video on YouTube with a small coil which resembled a barrel. I was unable to find the video, recently, so I spent time during the last 7 days trying to make one via safe experimentation. The first one I made worked fine until the 36 gauge Nichrome 80 melted off from too much priming. I think it is best to use this coil with 29.5 watts. Some photos of it are below.


The photo above shows the coil before I threw it out. Though it worked fine before I ruined it, it did not perform as well as I thought a variation would. The photo below is of the coil before it was ‘over-melted.’


The coil above was one of my first attempts with a barrel coil. It was installed in a Taurus RDA and wound with 26 gauge Kanthal and ‘barreled’ with 36 gauge Nichrome 80. Its resistance was ‘about’ 1 ohm.

For most of my coil builds, I use an iPV4s regulated mod. I have tried out plenty of devices and like it the most, so far. I thought it only fitting to include a picture. The iPV4s takes two 18650 IMR batteries and shows ohms readings. I like it because I can use it to build coils for mechanical mods and other devices. Though it can go up to 120 watts, I do not ever use it over 60 watts. For ‘advanced’ coils I will use it at 60 watts, depending on the coil. I usually use it at either 40 or 47 watts with a dual 24 gauge Nichrome 80, 8-wrap dual coil build.


Let us continue with the barrel coil. I was hell-bent on building a good one after burning out the first small one I wound up. I built two more of them. The first of the two is in the two photos below. The RDA in the photos is the Shark RDA. The coil was wound with 24 gauge Kanthal and 30 gauge Nichrome 80. Its ohms reading was 0.71 ohms. Did it vape? Sure. Is there a good way to wick one of these? Probably. I tried it a few ways and left it alone. Largely because I still thought there would be a better way to wind one of these up. Why? Because of the way it heated up. The idea is for the wrap on the outside of the coil to heat up in such a way that each wrap lights up orange one-at-time, while the inner coil heats up last but very near the same time. It ‘almost’ worked that well, so I tried another variation.

barrel-4 barrel-3

The photo below is of the last barrel coil I will attempt to do until I learn more about this kind of coil. It worked pretty well and is wound with a 24 gauge Kanthal coil, ‘barreled’ with 26 gauge Nichrome 80. Its resistance was .2 Ω.


The photo above shows what the coil looked like before it was primed of its toxins. The photo below is not of high quality, however it shows the coil once it was primed.


The coil vaped fine at 40 watts. I wrapped cotton around it and left a hole in the top of the cotton for e-juice and airflow. It worked. Is this kind of coil worth the time it takes to do? That is largely up to you. For me, I prefer other advanced coils, even though these are fun to do. You can use them ‘chimney style,’ as I did with the Shark RDA, and they can act much like a coil in a sub-ohm tank would. Due to ideas concerning heat, however, I chose to install this one much like a normal coil. Here are a few photos of it while it was activated in a Baal V2 RDA.

barrel-10 barrel-9 barrel-8 barrel-7

As you may guess, vaping with coils like this one does not need cotton. They can soak up a few drops of e-juice for a 1-draw vape. I like to wrap cotton around it though. These are the first I have tried of “Barrel Coils” and really do not know much about the best way to make them or to use them properly. If anyone reading this has made them, before, please, let me know what you think. I am sure there exists a better way of making them, even if the one in the photo above was functional, after all. I may vape with it from time to time, however I will surely appreciate learning more about this kind of coil. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “The Barrel Coil

    1. I do not currently have a single coil instructional video and am sorry for that. I have only done photos of coils along with explanations. If you would like to request a video from a master coil builder, there are three people I know of on YouTube who do advanced coil building videos (mentioned below). The only problem is that this coil is not very well-known and I am not sure who can do them properly. My attempts with Barrel Coils were experiments, only, so I would be more willing to do a video if I knew the best way of winding one of them up.

      I will explain how to do them the way the are seen in the photo, however. Wound a normal coil with 24 or 26 gauge Kanthal, 8 wraps. Stretch out 2 feet of 28 gauge Nichrome 80. If you would like to choose a different gauge of wire or combination, it is okay to -just be sure to check your ohms reading of the final coil before it is used with a mechanical mod. If you plan to use the coil with a regulated device that shows the ohms reading, you should be fine.

      Once you have the normal coil, about 4 mm in diameter, make sure the leads are about 3/4 inch long or a little longer. Twist one end of the 2 foot N80 strand of wire around one of the leads by hand, snugly. Feed the other end of the N80 through the coil and pull it tight. Pull the wire down and back through the coil, making a loop around and through the Kanthal coil with the N80. Continue this process until you have wound several loops around and through the coil. Once you have enough loops close enough together, you may have room for a few more in between the leads of the coil. You may opt to leave that portion of the coil open, so electrons won’t flow directly from one lead to the other without passing through the N80 wraps, mostly, first. The last thing you want is one little N80 loop getting super hot while the rest of the coil heats up minimally.

      Once you have enough loops, probably around a dozen or more, twist the N80 around the second lead. Then, you can install the coil and prime it in a ventilated area. Wrap organic cotton around the outside of it, leaving the middle hole open, or insert cotton in it, too. The wicking of this coil is really a preference. I am sure there is a better way of making them, however I’ll need to hear from someone who knows more about them before I do a video.

      With a little patience, they really are not too difficult to do. They can act like a chimney coil in a tank if installed in the right kind of RDA, or they work fine at an angle or horizontal in most re-buildables.

      If this explanation made any sense at all, let me know. If you try to wound up a Barrel Coil and cannot figure it out, tell me. It should be pretty straight forward. If you are looking for a source for N80 and Kanthal, Lightning Vapes usually has a nice selection with prices that are far less expensive than name brand ‘competition’ wire.

      To request a video on a coil like this, try contacting Local Vapes (OHMBOYOC), RipTrippers, Twisted Messes, or Squidoode on YouTube, share the link to the photo of the one here, and maybe they will try to do a video. Thank you for your request – you were the first to comment on coilpix. Awesome.


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