New Wicking Method

Here is a photo of how I have been wicking various coils.


If you notice, part of the cotton is cut off into the air, and the other part of the OC is touching the bottom of the drip well. This way, the cotton can soak up e-juice from the deck of the RDA and also provide vapor well from the coil. The side of the cotton that is clipped off is ‘alternated’ in order to give the vapors a slight spiraling effect. This is a pretty good method of installing cotton, by my experiences. The coils in the photo are 8-wrap 24 gauge Nichrome 80, and the RDA is the Doge V2 RDA.

Below is a photo of a dual Clapton build in the Baal V2 RDA. It was wound with 26 gauge Nichrome 80 and 36 gauge Nichrome 80. It worked great and had the resistance of .49 ohms.


It may be hard to see, however I wicked these Claptons the same way I wicked the coils in the first photo of the post. These worked well with 29.5 watts, however I used them at 40 and 47 watts, too and stayed with the 40 watt option.

As always, thank you for viewing this post. We love comments and feedback.


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