Zorro Coils

The Zorro RDA is an awesome RDA to build coils for. I like to do chimney coils for the Zorro, because it feeds air through the bottom of the coil. I wanted to do an inception coil months ago and usually ended up doing some form of a Clapton coil or other variation. While considering the Inception Coil, I decided to do a build highly similar, yet not quite the same. It is below. Are these tricky? They can be, however they are not too complicated.

zorro-1 zorro-2 zorro-3

The coils above were wound with 24 gauge Nichrome 80. The ohms reading was ‘about’ .2 ohms. I could be more specific, however I would have to redo the build. The photo above is actually of two separate ‘chimney’ coils. The smaller one is wound around a #2 Coiljig rod and the larger one is wound around a #5 Coiljig rod. The bottom leads of both of the coils are run parallel to the positive post. The upper leads of both coils go to the negative posts. This coil was a lot of fun to see working properly. I used some rounded needle-nose pliers (found here) to bend the leads so the coils would fit well -that was the tricky part.

The wicking was also a fun challenge. Upon finishing the build, I asked myself, “How am I to wick this little booger?” Well, I used a sewing needle (as I often do when wicking coils) to insert organic cotton in between the inner and outer coil. This way, air could flow from the bottom of the Zorro and through the center of the coil, much like an atomizer head in a sub-ohm tank. I also wrapped some cotton around the outer coil, and it vaped fine.

I un-install it and went with a different build for more than one reason. I did vape with it for a while. One must be careful with coils of this type, however. I recommend about 40 watts or so for it, because if you get one of these real hot, you may run the risk of an ‘overly warm’ vape. The heat from a dry coil can cause cancer, so I choose cool, flavorful vapes the most. You can still vape with a build like the coil above without too much heat; please, use caution.

The other reason I did not continue to use the build for longer was the effort it takes to re-wick its inner lining. It is not too hard to do, however I had another build in mind removed the coil, anyway.

These coils work pretty good and may be a little better than normal inception coils. Let me know what you think if you build one. Thank you for viewing this post and have a nice day.


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