A TC Coil


The above photo is more of a success story. I have not always easily been able to build Temperature Control coils, because many times the resistance was too low. As you can see in the photo above, this 26 gauge Ni200 coil has well over a dozen wraps and even a little extra length in its leads. It worked great.

The RDA is the msh rda, and the mod is the Wismec Centurion mod. I got mine off gearbeast.com, which may not carry them, now. Always check out vapingCheap before making a vaping device purchase and for e-liquid deals, too. The Centurion is an absolutely amazing device, as it utilizes a single 26650 battery, has TC, and a usb charging port (pass through). This particular setup is surely an impressive one for both functionality and looks. I have been impressed with it it, so far. Thank you for reading and by all means, ask me some questions in regards to vaping if there is something you would like to know. The link below is to the Spinfuel vape review magazine.


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