Coil Yard One


The above photo is of the various coils I have built and experimented with over the past few weeks. Each coil or set of coils has a number by it, and I may explain each coil, eventually. For now, I will simply mention a few of them. Coil #8 is a TC coil, annealed Nickel 200. Ni200 has a super low resistance, this one actually worked fine. Coil #5 is an Alien coil. It did not come out as good as it could have, because I did not stretch the outer wire out long enough. Better luck next time. Plenty of the coils in the photo are inception coils built with Nichrome 80. Coil #11 is 26 gauge Nichrome 80 Claptonized with 36g N80 wire and an inception coil. Coil #25 is a fused Clapton, one of my favorite styles of coils. It is a small one, 26 gauge N80 and 38g N80.

I  have recently tried plenty of variations of Kanthal and Nichrome 80. Something new to me was 38 and 40 gauge N80 wire. It is thin and I like to call it ‘Angel Hair’ wire, as you can barely see it. It takes additional time to Claptonize a wire with 38 or 40g N80, as opposed to 36 gauge, however the benefits are there, depending on the size of coil you are attempting to do, or the variation. For instance, I built a coil for an rta tank, Claptonizing a 26g N80 wire with 40g, and it worked great. The smaller wire took up less space and the coil still made impressive clouds.

More than one of the coils in the photo involve using both Kanthal and N80, somehow, as well as Claptonizing. One coil is made by twisting N80, 26 gauge with Kanthal 26 gauge, and then Claptonizing the result with 36g N80 – this is a great way to make a quick coil that does well. The idea behind mixing the two popular wires is that N80 heats up a little quicker than Kanthal, and Kanthal stays hot a little longer than N80. The Claptonizing is for increased vapors due to e-liquid saturation and surface area.

These things taken into account, a recent favorite coil idea that works great is coil #7 and #28. I fused two straightened strands of 24g N80 with 36 or 38g N80, and wrapped a strand of 26 or 28 gauge Kanthal around the fused Nichrome 80, leaving 2mm or so of space between each outer Kanthal wire wrap -four wires total for this kind of coil. A better explanation of a coil of this nature as well as a better photo is coming in another post soon, after I post a photo of a Ni200 TC build.

Thank you for checking out these coils; I hope you have a way to zoom in on them. Here is a link to Squidoode on YouTube. The diamond below links to Twisted Messes on YouTube; my two favorite sources for coil building instruction and inspiration. 🙂


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