Goon RDA Advanced Coil


The above coil is a new idea I have been impressed with. It is a fused N80 Clapton with Kanthal wrapped around it. The rda is the Goon RDA, and the mod is the kbox 120. The two inner strands of wire are 24 gauge Nichrome 80. The Clapton wire is 36 gauge Nichrome 80, and the Kanthal wire is 30 gauge. This coil does not even require cotton – it soaks up e-juice well. The cotton I installed in the coil is Kendo vape cotton, the only cotton I use for vaping, as it is more heat resistant than other Japanese organic cotton. The ohms reading is exactly .1, the lowest resistance I can go with a coil of this nature without it being dangerous. I vape with this coil in this setup at 110 watts, which produces 3.8 volts. On an ipv4s mod, I use this same coil at only 47 watts, and the volts are increased a little due to the yihi chip. This setup works great, though, and I like the kbox 120 for its various attributes.

If you build a coil of this nature, I suggest e-juice with 0mg of nic or 3mg, only, for the flavor. The coil was designed for the wire to heat up at a slightly different rate. Though it (the varied heat rate) is hard to notice, it is a great coil and does not take to long to construct -it is one of my favorite ideas. Can you use different sizes of wire to benefit from the same idea? Sure. The outer Kanthal wire can be 26g, 28g, or 30 gauge and still work highly similar. As far as the N80 fused Clapton, the inner wire can be 24 or 26 gauge. If you have trouble with a low ohms reading, try the idea out with 26 gauge before going with 24g N80. The 36g N80 wire used can be 38g or even 40g. 40g N80 wire is pretty and it works great; it does take more time to use and must also be longer than the more common 36 gauge wire as it is thinner.

Thank you for viewing these photos. Most coils here are designed for efficiency and are not as time consuming or intricate as other more advanced coils. To each their own. If you would like to see the most advanced coils I know of and how to construct them, check out Squidoode and Twisted Messes on YouTube. Thank you for reading and vape safely. 🙂


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