A Powerful Pocket E-Cig Setup

A decent combination for a pocket vaporizer that is light yet still suitable for cloud chasing is this mod with this rda. The mod and the rda may be sold out on some websites, however you can usually find the combination of the two by doing a search with bing.com. You can also find the mentioned praxis rda on sites in the US and it may cost a little more, however it will ship faster in the US if you order it in the US.

I do not recommend coils with wire over 26 gauge (Kanthal) in diameter for this setup. I use a single coil, 26 or 28 gauge Kanthal, 7-wrap coil build with it. A link for 28 gauge Kanthal is here, from L-Vapes. For learning to build coils, check out tutorials on YouTube. Be safe. The setup above is not intended for the advanced coil builds you often see on YouTube. You can use 26 gauge Nichrome 80, two 8-wrap coils, just be sure you are careful when priming them as the leads can burn out like an overpowered fuse.

To use a coil jig instead of a screwdriver, drill bit, or other tool, search for “coil jig” on Amazon or Bing or Lightning Vapes or elsewhere. For wicking material, use organic cotton from Walgreens, which is the least expensive and works fine, or order cotton meant for vaping online. Kendo Japanese heat-resistant organic cotton is the only kind I use, available here, from Pure Atomist, or from other sources on the web.

The reason the setup above is preferable has to do with it being both light-weight and USB rechargeable, powerful. To recharge it, one can get a USB cable from the Dollar Tree, and a wall or car plug-in adapter from Walgreens, or elsewhere.

If you prefer Aelos e-liquid over others, as some people do, find it from the web, here, for about $10 + shipping for a 15ml bottle. Aelos can also be purchased from Texas Tobacco without ordering it from the web, however their supplies are sometimes limited, especially if you are after the 24mg/ml nicotine content. The White Rhino e-juice from there comes in various strengths of nicotine content, 0-24mg/ml, and is usually readily available. Another source of e-liquid to consider is Totally Wicked, as they carry various nicotine strength choices and also offer Earhart, their cotton candy flavor, here, with 0, 3, or 6mg/ml nicotine contents, for about $20 + shipping for a 30ml bottle. Other options for e-liquid online are very numerous, I recommend using bing to search for what you may be after. You can also attain inexpensive e-liquid from sources found via websites such as vapingcheap and mfs. Remember, though, when people try out new e-liquids, only 50% of the flavors are actually preferable, according to myself and others. Most really popular e-liquids are preferable, yet sometimes cost more. If you do not want to take your chances, try out the NJOY artist collection line, or one of their five flavors, available from authorized sources on the web, again, able to be found with bing.

For many reviews on the latest products on the vaping market, check out Spinfuel. The above setup totals about 45$ no matter where you get it from.

Is this price higher than what you would pay for most setups? Not really. A vape starter kit including a sub-ohm tank and a 40-50 watt regulated mod will cost about $50, nowadays, yet such a setup does not always include a re-buildable atomizer. A diy atty has its benefits. Research Aspire, eLeaf, KangerTech, and other companies on Spinfuel to find a setup of this nature, if you prefer. Plenty of inexpensive setups can be found, the setup described in this post is one I think is better than most combinations out there.

Some prefer the sub-ohm tanks, anyway, however one can always find a mechanical mod on the web which uses an 18650 lithium IMR battery for various prices. An 18650 mechanical mod can use a re-buildable RDA, like the ones seen on Fasttech. I like the Tesla in this post because it is lighter than an 18650 mod and can be charged with a USB (pass through). I do not recommend wire over 26 gauge in size for an 18650 mech mod setup for people new to vaping. Remember, mechanical mods can be dangerous, and I do not recommend them for people new to vaping.

I hope this was helpful. Comment if you have questions. Have a nice day. 🙂


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