Heronsbill RDA and Kendo

Hear is a photo of some Claptonized chimney coils in the Heronsbill RDA.


The coils are 24 gauge Nichrome 80 Claptonized with 36 gauge Nichrome 80, single core. The ohms reading on this build was above .1 ohms, yet it was still low enough to recommend checking the resistance before giving it a whirl. It worked fine.

The vape cotton in the background is the only kind I use, Kendo organic vape cotton. It is heat-resistant and does not burn the way any other cotton I have tried does. It saturates better and lasts longer. The link above is one of eight sites on the web I found as a source for Kendo. The cotton package in the photo shows the old kind, which comes in a kind of ball. The newer kind, Kendo Gold, comes in a one meter strand. One inch of the strand is usually ample for two coils, depending on the dripwell of the atty (RDA). As far as the Heronsbill RDA goes, it is an awesome  RDA. I like the phillips screws and the drip well. The airflow is probably dead on for most vapers; I’ll probably bore out the air holes partially if I use it again. Drilling a hole in SS is not always easy; check with your hardware store attendant for a suitable drill bit, and remember not to make the holes too large.

Lately, I have been enjoying the Goon RDA for advanced coils -hard to beat it. I ordered more than one so I can experiment with different coils, multiple setups. The goon link is to a neat looking purple one – I like the stainless steel style. To see the different colors of the Goon RDA, click on the link above and try out the drop down menu on the right. Thank you for reading and remember, vape safely. 🙂


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