The Best Setup I Know Of

A Pioneer4You IPV4s with a Cylapex Gated RDA with two 13-wrap 24 gauge Nichrome 80 coils. I have yet to outdo this setup since I began to learn about vaping. Here are two photos:



Plenty of times, in my writing on vaping, I am forced to compare what I am talking about to the above build. Does what I am reviewing or discussing even come close? Usually, the answer is no. The above photos are of a very serious, mind blowing build. Not everyone vapes the same way, and I must say a few things about why the above build is so special.

When I first got into vaping, it was an attempt to stay away from smoking permanently and also to help others smoke less or quit. Cancer is deadly and a terrible way to die, especially when caused from smoking or side-stream smoke. Can an e-cigarette give someone more pleasure or satisfaction than a cigarette? I think so. Plenty of people who smoke say they have tried vaping and the patch and chewing gum and nothing ever worked out for them -sad.

My first e-cig was a Hauss vaporizer from Walgreens, and that was over a year ago (the eNjoy is a more efficient option, just costs a little more). It (the Hauss) definitely worked fine, however I understood what people meant when they said e-cigs are not more powerful than a cigarette. I was broke and wanted to prove them wrong, to save their life or extend it, at least. So, I tried to get into coil building to see what I could learn. Not too much really changed my opinion, because usuallly advanced coils are recommended for use with nic levels of 3mg per ml or below. I used the above build with 6mg per ml or above, and it definitely out did a cig. Is it safe to vape like that all the time, or even very often? No. Check your pulse for safety. It is an option, though, in my opinion, even if one starts with a slightly higher nic content and learns to vape comfortably with 3mg per ml or below, to vape with a device such as the one above, if that is what it takes to give up smoking or wean oneself off the cancer sticks.

All that being divulged, I, as a vaper, rarely have the time to vape all day enjoying different flavors and playing around with blurry vegetable glycerin clouds. The above build takes close to no time, especially if you recharge two high-drains every 48 hours. It is not an all day vape, but can efficiently take the place of a cig.

If you need a powerful e-cig you can carry in your pocket or purse, click here.

If you love to vape and are not trying to blow your mind, the Cylapex Gate RDA ipv4s combo is still a great choice. What can make it dangerous is too high of a nicotine content – it is safe for coil building. What can make it fun is the size of the clouds with little to no nicotine. The Cylapex Gate RDA can be found here and is not too expensive. I used my ipv4s for a year before I dropped it, shattering the plastic battery housing on the inside. Its yihi chip makes its voltage-to-wattage ratio a rarity amongst most devices available, especially for its cost. When I broke mine, I super-glued it back together and let it dry for 24 hours. It worked, yet the battery housing was too fragile to be used in a hurry. I decided to order another one and got it from here within a few weeks. If you are new to vaping, this setup will not disappoint you, even if many vaporizers/e-cigs just don’t impress you. Here is where to get Kendo vape cotton, the best I know of as it does not burn like most vape cotton will; here is where to get my favorite batteries for the ipv4s, (a 4-pack of 35a mxjos; search if link is out of date) and a suitable Nitecore D4 charger (worth its weight in gold or more, because you can tell if the batteries are charged to over 4.15 volts, can even charge 26650 high drains); and here are two places for 24 gauge Nichrome 80 wire, Lightning Vapes, Amazon.

So, I finally sung the praises of the most powerful and efficient setup I know of, officially. It has been my opinion for over a year. Again, if you are new to vaping or are looking for a more powerful device for a decent cost, this setup will not disappoint you. Remember that it can be dangerous, especially at levels as high as 24mg per ml nicotine content. I recommend it at 3mg, 6mg, or even 12mg, just like an advanced coil -no one wants a heart attack. It is still an efficient option, and positively powerful, and I am happy to share this information with you.

With the ipv4s, you really won’t need an ohms reader, and its 510 connection allows for the use of tanks or most of the RDAs available. Anyone new to vaping should be sure to check out websites like spinfuel and vapingcheap for deals and reviews. There are a ton of websites out there on vaping; those two can help dissolve the confusion as well as save people money and time.

What do I like the most about having the setup described above? Well, it is my favorite, and having a favorite can be a happy thing. Thank you for reading; please comment or feel free to ask questions, and, as always, vape on. 🙂


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