Staged Taiji Coils

The three photos below are of a coil I installed while in a hurry. I ordered some pre-wound coils to try them out. Usually, it is far more inexpensive to simply wound your own coils. This way you know exactly what gauge and kind of wire you are using. These came for a pretty descent price when compared to other deals for coils of this nature. These came from fast tech. They should take under thirty days to get to you if you order from the US.

Another reason I rarely get pre-wound coils, other than the cost, is that many of them are strictly kanthal. I like strictly Ni80 (Nichrome) unless working with a staged heating variation. The Taiji coils are two strands of wire twisted around each other, one of them being Claptoned, both 24 awg. I did alter the coil by adding two more wraps (to increase the resistance minimally). I also spread the coils out in order to have nearly a millimeter of space in between each wrap. Then, inserted a #3 coil rod into the coil and wound a strand of 26 gauge Ni80 around it in between each coil. This is a great way to make a staged coil in far less time than normal methods. There is only one coil in the photos because I was short on time. It is also closer to the posts than I would have had it, yet it did work wonderfully. The thinner, 26 awg wire got hotter just before the rest of the coil, so I was impressed with it, especially for the time it took me to get it working.


Sorry the photo above is a bit blurry, the third one is not. The photo is of the coil before it was wicked. The photo below is of the coil while I burned out impurities. There is no clear evidence of staged heating in the photo, however you can still see it glowing.


The photo below is of the coil wicked with some strawberry e-juice. Like many advanced coils, this one was darn powerful, even though it was a single coil. What makes this kind of build special is that it takes less time to do than many things highly similar to it.


Thank you for viewing/reading and have a nice day. 🙂



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