A Favorite Staged Coil

Below is a photo of about the best advanced coil I have learned to do.


There are plenty of reasons I chose to make this coil. While I still wind up other coils from time to time, this one has been a choice that ‘out-did’ plenty of the many options for advanced coils. For one, it is a staged heating variation. To make one of these, I have found it best to use 22g N80, drill-straightened and Claptonized with 36g N80 (about ten feet of the 36g N80 is used). The other wire used to wound parallel with the fused Clapton is 26g N80. There is no Kanthal in this coil, and it is a single coil, due to its ohms readings.

Depending on the number of wraps, these coils usually read as low as 0.20 ohms. It is not too overly impossible to wound two of these, yet it is pretty much necessary to use 24g N80 and an extra wrap on each coil. For this reason, I choose to use a single coil build with this coil, and it performs better than most options. It also takes far less time than an Alien coil or staple coils or plenty of other advanced coils. That being said, it is a great coil, in my opinion. The RDA above is a Goon RDA. Thank you for viewing this coil; be sure to let me know if you build one. 🙂


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