Thoughts on the IPV6s

Here are some photos of a coil and the IPV6s. The regulated mod has plenty of benefits and a few minor drawbacks. Two drawbacks are that when one sits it down, if not careful, the battery door will pop open. It is not too big of a deal, yet is still a drawback. The other drawback is that it locks, and one has to click the activation button three times to get it to work. Though this does not happen all the time, it does happen when pulsing the activation button and can be a disgruntlement.

Those two things being said, it is really a great device, and I think it is better than plenty of the options out there for a regulated mod. For one, it uses a yihi chip that is very powerful, able to go up to 200 watts. At 70 watts, with a 0.20 ohm coil, it fires at 3.74v, which produces a real big vape cloud full of flavor. One thing I like about it, while it does light up upon use, it only stays lit up for about five or ten seconds. The IPV4s easily falls over, and stays lit for an entire minute upon use. The IPV4s also has no usb charging, which the IPV6s does.

Not only does the IPV6s have usb charging, the port is not on the bottom of the device. Unlike many devices, the Kbox for instance, the IPV6s can charge for three or more hours until fully charged without blinking lights, as it does not shine light while charging. It is easy to click one of its buttons every-so-often to see the reading of the batteries. Charging from 3.4 volts or so to 3.9 volts, or a reading close to 4.1 usually only takes about three hours, which is preferable.

The device does use a 510 connection, so it is great for diy coils or sub-ohm tanks. It is also small and sleek with its comfortable grip. The activation button has worked fine for weeks on end, and I have been happy with it. Here are some photos.


The photo above is of the IPV6s and a Goon RDA with the top off the RDA. The drip tip is made of ox horn.


The photo above is of a staged heating coil in the Goon RDA. As mentioned in another post, this kind of coil is about my favorite advanced coil to build. It does not take too much time and works great.ip6-c

Here is a photo of the setup assembled with the display lit up. If you like diy vaping, this is one of the best setups I can speak of. Thank you for reading.


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