A Stabilized Wood Mod

After building a few mods, I wanted to make a nice one with stabilized wood. I used birds-eye maple burl and an epoxy with purple dye. The mod works fine, yet is still a little big and clunky compared to what I would like to do. It took a long time and is sure to last a while. I did not use a mosfet chip, yet went with a simple activation button, 510 connection, and a battery sled. The sled I sawed in half, to have a way to get two 35 amp IMR batteries in and out of the device. Despite my disappointment with the overall looks of the product, I can still polish its exterior and hope to design a better one next time. Here are some photos.


The photo above is of the assembled mod once it was complete. The RDA is a Goon RDA. It has two removable panels. The one on the bottom is for taking the batteries in and out, and the one on the top/front is to check the wiring, as you can partially see in the photo below. If nothing else, the entire mod is made from the same block of wood and is mostly a solid piece. Except for the two panels, the mod is only one piece of wood.


The photo below is of a staged heating coil and the top of the mod.stb-c

Thank you for viewing these photos, and have a nice day.


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