The Macrame Coil

Here is a photo of the first Macrame Coil I wound. It is comparable to a four-braid coil and has both advantages and disadvantages.


Its major plus is that it looks neato and is artistic, indeed. The other main plus is that, when dripping e-liquid onto the coil, the cotton saturates quickly and easily, even faster than with a four-braid coil. The drawback is that the vapors are not of the character of a fused Clapton, even if it is not too easy to notice the difference. I chose to use 30g N80 for my first attempt with a coil of this nature. Believe it or not, the coil above is only two wraps and reads 0.15 ohms on a Kbox.mac-a

Above is a photo of how to make this particular macrame knot. The photo came from a “bh&g” magazine.Notice the two central strands do not braid. Because of this, if and or when, I build this coil again, it will be a variation. A good idea would be to take a 24g N80/36g N80 fused Clapton and braid two strands of 36g N80 on the outsides in the same manner as the knot above. For this build, however, I used only 30g N80, and it works fine.

Below is a photo of the braid before I wound it into a coil. I only used about half of the length of the braid for the actual coil. Though it may appear to be complicated, once one gets the knot completed a few times, the next knots are far easier and the strand does not take very long to complete.mac-b

The photo above of the braid is a picture of it before I hammered it gently with a jewelry hammer. The photo below is of the coil being activated/primed to burn off toxins. You may notice the two central strands of N80 heat up far quicker than the loops on the outside of the braid. This pretty-looking coil has close to no ramp-up time at all. I am sure that the same idea can be utilized with various methods highly similar to it. I think, for a first attempt, it worked fine.mac-d

Thank you for reading and be sure to let me know if you build this coil or one similar to it.


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